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What Is Sigurd's Universe

Basically you the fan get to create a star nation of your own that will become part of the Sigurd's Universe of Role-Playing Games and Novels. Who knows your star nation may end up in a novel or eventually one of the system compendiums for the game.

How it works - You start out with a colony ship of 1 Million that finds and settles a solar system in a cluster of thousands of stars known as the Independent System's League; there will be various factors that involve our star nation – Economy, Diplomacy, Production, Population, Mining, Agri/Aquaculture, Trade, Military.

This is going to be a work in progress as I go along so I'm one person so please be patient as I'll be working on a case by case basis with each person to create their solar system.

Now each person will also get 5 Trillion credits to start with; now you can spend that 5 trillion prior to reaching your solar system or wait until you have settled to start spending it.

Each solar system will be randomly rolled with the generator that I have created so you may end up with an awesome system or a pretty lame system; but this is where that 5 Trillion comes in you can spend some of those funds to get a better solar system; system upgrades include -

More Habitable Planets - At least three of your planets will be within the life zone of the star and be easily habitable by your race [this means that once your population gets to a certain point you can expand to other planets easily without terraforming or building expensive space habitats]

Increased Agriculture/Aquaculture Production - Your Planets Have A More Temeprate Climate Allowing for longer growing seasons [this means that you get a ten percent increase to population every fifteen years or you can sell the excess getting a ten percent boost to your economy]

Increased Mining – At least three of your planets, and six moons will have heavy resources that can be mined; your system also automatically gets a 25% boost to your economy.

Gas Extraction – At least three of your planets will be gas giants that will be easy to mine for their resources; your system automatically gets a 10% boost to your economy.

Hyper Space Nexus Ring – Your one of those lucky systems that has an already emplaced Hyper Space Nexus Ring giving you access to most of the inhabited galaxy; you get a 25% boost to your economy via trade and tourism.

You can have none, multiple or all of these things for your system; however these do cost money the percentage of your boost is how much you spend from your initial funds.

What The Various Things Mean –

Economy – This is how much money your solar system makes each week [one week equals one year] and how much you’ll have to spend on improvements and other things such as military, space stations, increased productivity and is made from production, taxing the population, mining, and trade of produced such as excess food and other items.

Diplomacy – This is how well you get along with the other star nations around you; the lower the diplomacy rating with Star Nation A the less friendly and less likely they are to buy products from you.

Now you can be nice with everyone or try to anyway or you can be a tyrannical conquering jerkoff; it’s your choice.

Mining – This is how much your system makes from mining and is based off the number of miners and the degree of mining.

Agri/Aquaculture – This is how well you can feed your people; the better your ag rating the more people you can feed and the happier they’ll be also the more you can sell off to make more money.

Trade – This is basically based off of your diplomacy rating with each star nation; Items that can be sold are Minerals, Luxury Goods, Food, Basic Items, Extracted Gases others will be added later as various star nations grow [who knows your star system could be known for well manufactured space ships]

Military – This is how large your military and defensive or conquering capability is; you can have anything from a small picket police force in your system up to a massive conquering force with thousands of ships; it’s up to you.

Population – Here is where the catch is your population is the people that get you the stuff you need via production of things and taxes [which you can tax your population whatever percentage you like [your citizens make 100,000 credits a month]

Production – You have to choose how much of your population is used for various things your initial population of 1 million colonists [which we are going to assume is all adults] must be divided up amongst things. Your population doubles itself every 16 weeks [or 16 years as it were as the average adult age by the year 6200 C.E. is 16 years]

Mining/Gas Extraction – An average adult is able to mine 1,000 tons of minerals/metals etc. a day

Agriculture/Aquaculture – For every 1 Person doing agriculture you can feed 1,000 people [so to feed your initial population of 1 million you need to have 1,000 people in agriculture.

Luxury Goods – TBD

Basic Items – TBD

Military – This is just going vary wildly on how much you decide to have in your military; basically there is ground troops and navy personnel – for adequate defense your navy personnel should make up 1% of your population while your army/marines should make up 0.4-2% of your population.

So if you are interested note me or contact me at

I look forward to hearing from you.

All I ask is patience XD


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Just because I'm extremely busy just getting the basic info done for stuff I'm seeing if anyone would be interested in coming up with background info for vehicles/weapons/armor and the like.

If interested just let me know and you can look at the files here -…

All I ask is that you give me the info to tweak before hand; and that you don't directly change files on the Wikia.

Questions just let me know.
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